DTH rock well drill rig Punching machine for hard rock rotary drilling rig machine for sale

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DTH rock well drill rig Punching machine for hard rock rotary drilling rig machine for sale
Borehole drilling rig Drilling Program
1. Open the intake valve;
2. Push the joystick, the turning moves to the top of the carriage;
4. Make the boom raised to a maximum height;
5. Adjust the slider to the desired position;
6. Compensation cylinder manipulate the carriage extends the tip locator fall drilling locations;
7. Adjust the oiler needle until seeing oil droplets in the drill head office so far;
8. slow downward movement rotary, so that the impactor to rock drill head contact surface, while the impact of the
angular position of the handle onto the right amount of drilling;
9. rock hole forming, will impact the joystick pushed to the limit position for an official drilling work.

DTH Hammer of drilling rig Loading
1. When the rotation is down to the lowest point, the lifting rotary, so the wrench on the flat side of the drill rod wrench
unloading can be inserted at the position, stop turning and feeding, closing impact pressure gas;
2. The loading and unloading drill rod wrench into the flat side at the drop rotary, so that unloading rod wrench to the front
Locator drill bushing;
3. Reverse rotation, unloading stopper rod wrench impact on the rail, loosen up and down the drill pipe joints;
4. Let the rotary turret side edge slow improvement, until completely loosen joints and drill pipe, then drill rod wrench hanging by unloading to the front locator;
5. Grease the threads to drill, drill pipe with a threaded protective cap covering;
6. Under a drill to screw grease;
7. The drilling rig is placed on the tip locator at the top of the drill pipe and the axis of rotation is substantially aligned;
8. push shocks handle the drilling pipe with the pressure of wind blowing clean;
9. Remove the protective cap on a drilling pipe thread, the blowing of the drill pipe into the female end of the sleeve on the
male end of a drill pipe;
10. circulator slow decline, while the slow forward, and the axis of rotation alignment drill, drill until tighten up;
11. Gently lift the rotary, rod wrench to remove the loading and unloading;
12. At this point, Arbors completed. KG430S/430SH used Rotary borehole drilling rig and blast hole drilling rigs for mining.
drilling rig with aircompressors on sale

The KG430s down the hole drill rig for open use is an improved device in compliance with national regulations in diesel-engine
emissions. The drill rig is equipped with the two independent systems, namely diesel engine and motor, capable of separate
operations. The folding frame track, four-wheel drive and the tramming motor of plunger piston improve the working pressure and
climbing capacity. The expanded pitch and lifting-arm hydraulic cylinder enable it to meet the requirements on limiting position.
The double rotation motor increases the rotary toque and revolving speed, and the lifting oil cylinder and chain are expanded to
promote the lifting force and reliability. The thickened profile folder is used for housing, thus improving its level of intensity
and rigidity; and the additional ring makes handling and lifting convenient.
The KG430SH down the hole drill rig for open use is equipped with a dust collector, thus making operation more
environmental-friendly and reliable.

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Q1: Warranty terms of your machine?
A1: One year warranty for the machine and technical support according to your needs.

Q2: Will you provide some spare parts of the machines?
A2: Yes, of course.

Q3: What about the voltage of products??Can they be customized?
A3: Yes, of course. The voltage can be customized according to your equirement.

Q4: Which payment term can you accept?
A4: 30% T/T in advanced, 70% T/T against the B/L copy.

Q5: How long will you take to arrange production?
A5: 380V 50HZ we can delivery the goods within 7-15 days. Other electricity or other color we will delivery within 25-30 days.

Q6: Can you accept OEM orders?
A6: Yes, with professional design team, OEM orders are highly welcome.

Q7: Which trade term can you accept?
A7: Available trade terms: FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, CPT, etc.
Q3: Warranty terms of your machine?