20m depth Rock Drilling Machine / Air DTH water well bore hole drilling rig hydraulic drill rig dt

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1-Disc automatically pick unloaded rod system, automatic pick unloaded rod drilling depth of up to 36 meters.
2-carriage swing angle using luffing mechanism, the total swing angle 130 ° (Right 97 ° Left 33 °), do not change the pivot freely
horizontal holes and vertical holes completed conversion. Lowest level hole height 550mm, maximum 4200mm.
3-The drill machine using Caterpillar engines, powerful, reliable performance.
4-Single engine output ends of the arrangement, compact structure, easy maintenance.
5-Large displacement high pressure compressed air system (22m3/min, 25bar) ensures impactor fast drilling.
6-Running gear automatic leveling feature allows more adapted to mining drills rugged mountain.
7-Dual Rotary drill institutions throughout the drill guide to prevent deflection when drilling (hole when guided impactor,
drilling guide rod).
8-Imported hydraulic parts and electrical

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